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Fig Balsamic Jam Gift Set Truffle Mac and Cheese Gift Set Truffle Risotto Gift Set
A charming gift to give or to get. Our best Fig Balsamic Jam with an Olivewood spoon perfectly sized to serve with.
Wrapped and ready for gift giving.
For the Truffle Lover!  Sabatino Truffle Mac & Cheese with a 60 ml bottle of our White Truffle Olive Oil.  Take comfort food to a new level with a drizzle of our exceptional White Truffle Olive Oil. Truffle Hunters, your search is over.  Sabatino Truffle Risotto with a 60 ml bottle of Black Truffle oil.  Black Truffle Oil is slightly more pungent than White Truffle Oil.  You won't be disappointed!
Truffle and Sprayer - White Truffle Oil Truffle and Sprayer - Black Truffle Oil Trio Gift Box - Mustard
For the person that has Everything!  100 ml bottle of our very best White Truffle infused Oil with a mini Spray Bottle.  After all, Truffles are not a vegetable, they are a Miracle. For the person that has Everything!  100 ml bottle of our very best Black Truffle infused Oil with a mini Spray Bottle.  After all, Truffles are not a vegetable, they are a Miracle. For the Mustard Lover - Select 3 to be Gift Boxed in our Signature Pine Box Gift Set.
Trio Gift Box - Tapenades Bamboo Leaf Serving/Cheese Board, with Ceramic Dishes Smokey Chipotle Father's Day
Select 3 of our delicious Tapenades or Spreads to fill our signature Pine Gift Box.
Graceful bamboo leaf serving tray with two "olive motif" serving bowls, and two bamboo spoons. 18" length, 7" width. Juice Groove detail along edge. Makes a perfect gift!
For the Grillin' Dad!  Enjoy the smokiness of our Chipotle Oil paired with the spiciness of our Chili Dark Balsamic Vinegar.  Or mix our rich Garlic Olive Oil with the Chili Dark. Add sprinkle of our Rotisserie Chicken seasoning on any grilled veggies or meats and take the flavors to a while new level!
Lemon Grilled Father's Day Turn up the Heat! Father's Day Classic Flavors for Father's Day
Give this carefully curated set to Dad if he loves to fish and/or cook! What could be better than the flavors of lemon and herbs? Our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil infused with basil, garlic, oregano, and rosemary lends it's flavors to all it touches. Pair it with our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic Vinegar and a dash of our Herbs for Fish and the meal goes to a whole new level. Or dress the fish or veggies with the Lemon Pepper Oil and our Herbs for Fish. Easy-Peasy!
Let Dad Turn Up the Heat!  Our Sicilian Savory Dipping Oil infused with  Basil, Oregano, Garlic, Rosemary and Red Pepper Flake is enough on it's own, but when paired with our Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar as a Marinade, Dad's grilling just got better!!  Or try our Ultimate Heater - Roasted Chili Infused Olive Oil with a dash of Chipotle Pepper Flakes fresh from the Grinder!  Turn up the Heat! Have a "classic" Dad?  Why not try some of our "classic" flavors?  Rich Garlic Infused Olive Oil paired with tart Pomegranate Dark Balsamic Vinegar and a sprinkle or Garlic Sea Salt from the Grinder as a marinade for chicken, steak or pork is a real treat.  The Natural Butter Infused Olive Oil adds that rich buttery flavor without the saturated fat calories.  Dad will use these over and over again!
How Hot Is Hot? Father's Day Caviar Sampler
Does Dad Like His Spice?  Try this.... Our Roasted Chili Infused Olive Oil, our Ultimate Heat, paired with Italian Chopped Hot Peppers, our Chipotle Pepper Flake Grinder, Champagne Jalapeno Mustard and High River's "Rogue" Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce with Blood Orange and Brown Sugar.  Too many taste combinations to list.... Our Curated Caviar Sampler : Four 1 oz vacuum sealed jars of Kaluga, Danube, Royal, and Golden Oscetra Caviar.
Taste each for yourself and pick your favorite. 10% off our normal retail price!